What Does The Owl Mean To You?

I wrote the following in response to someone in a private group that I’m in but the message was so HUGE I have to share it here. Someone ran over an owl with her car and killed it. She of course is very upset BUT there is a message there for her. Here is what I said:


“For everything that happens in life there is a lesson learned. I know how upsetting it is to see wildlife getting hurt and I’m so sorry but this owl came to you for a reason – don’t let your grief fog the reason this owl gave it’s life for you. It was to grab your attention.

There are many symbols for the owl. When we see an owl we right away we go to Google and look up what it means then a week goes by and it’s not even a thought anymore because you’ve moved onto your next “animal of the week.”
The owl made sure that the lesson that you are to know, will stick with you for a very long time – and that’s good! There’s always a positive that comes out of a negative and it not – then that lesson will keep happening over and over again until you “get it” much like all our past lives.

What’s your lesson here? Well forget Google and tap into your Clairs.

• Where were you going at the time when you saw the owl?
• What were you thinking prior to that moment or that day?
• Who were you thinking of?
• What was on your mind?

Rethink that day and look for your answers. Call in your new Spirit Animal, the owl to help ❤

The graphic above is a painting I did a few years ago and loved it!!! I so wanted to keep it for myself but when someone else fell in love with it, I released it. The owl is borderline magical. It goes where it needs to be.

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