When We Feel “Off” How Can We Prove It Was An Energy Thing?

I had a great question asked from a member in my Angel Huggers group in Facebook. We were all talking about the strong geomagnetic energy surges that are constantly swirling around and making us feel off. Here’s her question.

Q&A copy

Q: Yes, last night I felt so tired and decided to head to bed early. How can we get proof that there was something that happened?

A: We don’t need proof. We HAVE to start trusting ourselves and not digging into the internet every time we experience something. You’ve heard me say several times to search IN not OUT right? Once you take note of how you feel and trust that it was different for you, know that there was a little or big fluctuation of energy that you just experienced. We should never rely on one Guru to legitimize what we’ve experienced. Trust you ❤

She had a great question right? So to finalize my point, the sooner we start using our own tools, our own senses and our own intuition, our psychic skills will go off the charts.

How can you learn when you don’t trust or ask yourself first? You can’t.

It’s alway nice to get validation from another source but what will you get, a gold star? We don’t need that!

Knowing that we felt something different and put our own thoughts together to come up with answers is key. THIS is how we grow.


If you’re interested in joining my group, go to Facebook and search ANGEL HUGGERS. If I feel your energy is a good fit for the group, I’ll add you. It’s really an awesome group with about 130 members. I like to keep it small but active. Hope to see you there!


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