How Do I Step Into My Power?

Now is the perfect time to step into your power. The month of August has so many special energies and planet alignments for you to tap into your power.


The bottom line for here and now it TRUST. Once you step into your trust you give yourself the power to make the choices of where you need to be – which is where your POWER should be at all times. It’s so easy to let our power drain, be given or taken by energy vampires. It’s yours. You decide where and when it goes.

When you get to the point of TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION it seems everything falls into place. How many times have you said, “I knew that!” and didn’t say or act on that intuition? Many times right?

Now is the time to BREAK OUT OF YOUR SHELL. Not tomorrow, not when you get another Reiki Attunement, not when you get one more certification, now. Now is the time to engage your Solar Plexus and follow through with all that you’ve been waiting for. No more waiting. Let all your inhibitions go and reach for what you want.

Lastly, EMBRACE. Once you get to this point feel it. It feels good and it’s been there all along but fear, anxiety and an unbalanced Solar Plexus has been preventing you from this step.

The Lions Gate is in two days on the 8th. Take the day, yes the entire day, for you. Look at each of these cards and feel them and own them. This is a very powerful layout and one that will take you to where you need to be.

Take advantage of the very rare alignments this week and tap into you ❤

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