Want To Join My Angel Huggers Facebook Group?

Do you enjoy this blog? If so, you can join my Facebook group called Angel Huggers. It’s a small group, only about 150 members but most of them are active in the group and are there to learn about Angels and so much more!

angel hug auras and spirits

It’s not one of those groups that people add themselves to and just forget about it. I randomly go through the members list and make sure that all the people there are an energetic match.

What do we do there? Here’s the groups description pinned at the top so you know what it’s all about before you join.

Welcome to Angel Hug 2:34!

Let’s talk about Angels, Chakras, Crystals, Essential Oils, Color and Psychic Awareness and Development.

Feel free to ask questions. The more you ask the better this group will be!
Each day of the week will have a hashtag for added fun. I add these hashtags as I go because there is SO much information here I don’t want it to get lost. If you are interesting in a subject, click on the hashtag and it will take you to all the related topics.

 –Will be links to meditative music

 – Share your Mantra for the day.

 – Come talk, learn and share what you know about Chakras.

 – Share your thoughts, experiences, insights, tips and how-to’s.

 – Let’s chat about your favorite essential oils, how to use them and new ways to try them out.

 – Share a photo that is inspirational to you and explain why.

#FREEReadingFriday (on certain Fridays)
I’ll do readings for the group.

Saturday will be the day to share anything you want! Share your links, pictures, cards, thoughts and questions.

 – Post a photo of you doing some fun! It’s ok to be silly 🙂

 – I will be posting a card of the day on some mornings.

 –Click on this hashtag to see all the information that was posted about Angels. It’s a great way to learn.

How do hashtags work? Everyday will have a theme. If you choose to write about that theme, use the hashtag. This way at any given time, you can click on the hashtag of your choice and see ALL the information on that subject. It’s just a great way to stay organized.

****** This is small but active group. If you are not here to learn, grow and participate, I will be doing monthly member cleanings. I’d rather have a small group of people who want to be here than a large group of people who don’t.
Thank you Angels!!!

Sound fun? Want to join? If you want to learn about what I mentioned here, go to Facebook and search for ANGEL HUGGERS and ask to join. See you there!

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