When The World Gets Crazy, You Should Get Simple

There is so much going on in the world it’s no wonder all our heads don’t spin off. You get to pick and choose how you feel and how you react to life.


Remember the small things in life.

• Remember someones name when you meet
• Say hi or smile at that person you pass in the store
• Enjoy the basic things in life like sitting and telling stories
• Go outside at night and stare at the stars with friends
• Share a home cooked meal
• Take a 30 minute nap every day and reflect
• Listen to music that moves you
• Love your pets, they are here to heal us
• Feel all that your garden has to offer
• Take one day a week just to let go
• Do what YOU enjoy in life no matter what it is
• Let go of those people who “just don’t get it”
• Get closer to those people who do
• Travel. The world has a lot to offer
• Take time to pause.
• Listen to your self. It knows more than you think
• Don’t dwell on the past
• Be present

2 thoughts on “When The World Gets Crazy, You Should Get Simple

  1. This is such a great list of little things to remember, Donna! Each is so very important to being happy and enjoying life! Thank you.

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