I Have Proof That We Can Change The World With Our Energy!

This is so cool!!!! Look at this geomagnetic chart from the Space Weather Prediction Center. Yesterday for the Eclipse it was smooth and calm – see the green? Today on the 22nd, the red geomag spikes come in.


What does that say to you? Viewing the Eclipse was a time when most of the country was in a good space of excitement and wonder. We all untied just for a bit to see this historic event. We were with friends, family and loved ones.

Today, many of us are back to work and bummed that either we missed the Eclipse or are hit with “back to reality” time. It’s interesting to see how the energy has changed from yesterday to today.

This is a perfect example of how everyone and I mean everyone, can change the energy of Earth. So having said that – drop all the negativity and hate. Think back to how you felt yesterday (August 21, 2017) and make yesterday your everyday. Change the world. This is proof that you can do it -we all can!


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