Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

There’s TONS of information in this blog. It may not be the fanciest blog with the latest and greatest plugins and widgets but I feel, it has some very valuable information.

Q&A copy

This blog also doubles as my journal so for me, it’s the perfect platform to get my thoughts and experiences together. Today, I’d like to know if you have questions about anything in this blog or even if it’s not in this blog.

It’s Q&A time!



4 thoughts on “Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

  1. Donna, I’m curious when you first discovered you had the ability to see/hear/feel spirits to be a medium. Did it take you a while to admit to it and share the fact with others?

    • Kathy, I saw my first Spirit in 2014. It was my friends Mom (who I’ve never met or seen before since it was a fairly new friend.) Once you see someone’s passed Mom there’s really no turning back. As cool as it was to see that, I was more concerned with the message that I have to deliver from Mom to Daughter and that’s what it’s all about.

      As far as sharing it with others, I did wait a few months until I understood what was going on and if it’d happen again. It’s really a wild experience and have been learning lessons just about everyday, non stop. The scariest thing was deciding when to come out of the closet 100% and not turn back. Once I did that, even more of my gifts opened.

      • That’s so interesting, Donna! Thank you for sharing. I’ve had several visions of spirits and messages for others, but am often fearful of sharing them because of the chance of being thought of as weird/crazy/evil…etc. I have a very good friend who works as a medium and she has lost many friends since going public. It’s so difficult, as you know, to keep this gift under wraps! Hugs to you!

      • Well that’s where the difference is Kathy. I’d rather be truthful about who I am and walk my path rather than have a ton of friends. Yes, I too lost TONS of friends because of jealousies and fear but that’s THIER journey not mine. The wonderful this is, now I have many like-minded friends who accept who I am and it feels good!

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