Don’t Forget To Exercise ALL Your Senses

So I’m out for my morning walk and it’s super creepy. The sun was not up yet (here in the USA) the birds weren’t even singing and the crickets were still chirping.

I’m walking down the street wondering why everything is so quite. No cars leaving the homes, no lights nothing.



Since everything is dark and thank god for street lights, my other senses kicked in. I could smell the occasional coffee and breakfast foods as I passed some homes – glad I’m not the only one who wakes up before the birds. I could hear dogs barking inside some homes and the silence was actually quite deafening.

Then I realize it’s Saturday! No wonder! Well I have tons of work to do today so it’s no day off for me. My days off are Sunday/Monday so for me, it’s Friday!

Oh I did find a quarter, sorry the pic is blurry but I couldn’t see, lol.

So … I got my morning walk in, I found a quarter, one neighbor is really mad because their dog started barking at 6am on a Saturday as I walked by their home and my other senses got a little workout this morning.

Now I can start my day. How are you using your other senses today?

6 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Exercise ALL Your Senses

  1. a friend and i were talking yesterday about ‘retreating’ into self-imposed isolation where there’s no contact with others.. for a day or a week or – for however long, depending on each person. i’ve spent weeks alone in the neotropic ‘wilderness’ and treasure that time… i am a artist, however, so solitude is important for connecting with the senses…. she said, ‘the thought of doing that scares me.. even for a day of not saying a word…’ i said that it’s the best way for me to connect with all of my senses – and if i’m around people, sounds, man-made distractions, etc, i lose that connection…

    yes, walking before dawn on a weekend is surely a good sample – i will suggest that to her – as i’ m presently visiting them in costa rica….

    • (name?) retreating into isolation is hugely important. Without this quiet it’s difficult to hear our Higher Self, Angels Guides etc. So you’re right – solitude is very crucial for connecting with the senses. I spend most of my time alone (I work from home so hubs is out for most of the day) and I like it quiet so I can think and feel. I would not have it any other way.

      So you’re an Artist? I need to visit your site!

      • Most days I go for hours before uttering that first word of the day… there’s so much ‘just out of reach’ and if things are too busy/full, those subtle nuggets of gold are lost…. you are one with a gift for gleaning so much more than most, and you’re kind enough to share your gift with us. thank you so much!

      • Your name is Lisa right? Thank you so much Lisa! I was told by my Angels that I’m here to teach so I just plug away! They give me the information to convey – really. All the copy in this blog is either my experiences, downloads, dreams or insights of some sort – all goes back to Angels and the higher Source.

      • si; lisa… thanks, and yes, through your artistic/creative side you are teaching as well – esp to those who are not ready to grasp the concept of angels there/here watching over us, guiding us, doting on us… you surely carry a peaceful light that affects many..

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