NOW Is The Time To Drop Your Fears

As time goes on and days go by we made choices in life that we are guided to do right? Well some choices feel really good with us but we often wonder how everyone else will react to the choices we make.

Now is the time to put all fears away. We already released all our shadows and fears with the Eclipse now it’s time to walk our walk and talk our talk.


Yes it gets scary when we wonder what others will think of us. Will we get shunned so to speak? Lose friendships? Have people give us “the eye” when they see us in town?

Who cares!!!!!!

This is OUR life! YOUR life and we do what we feel is in our hearts. If we always wonder what others think of us we create blocks in our body and well, you know how that feels.

Stand tall. Know that you have your best interest in mind and if people don’t 100% agree with your choices and decisions then that is THEIR issue not yours.

Angels, this is all about trust. Trust that you know what is best for you and above all, know that your Angels are guiding you every step of the way.

So today forward we drop the fear and walk in TRUST and STAND IN YOUR POWER ❤

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