Why Do I Feel Frightened When I Go To Certain Places?

Do you feel dizzy, anxious or downright frightened when you go to certain places like elevators, hospitals, funeral homes or even when driving? Theres’s a reason for that.


For example. Think of how you feel when you are waiting for an elevator.

• Are you in a rush – that’s energy
• Are you about to go to a meeting? Energy
• Overworked? Energy
• Scared? Energy
• Sad? Energy
• Mad? Lots of energy

My point is this. When you are able to pause, like you do while waiting for an elevator, your mind has time to relax. When it relaxes, you have time to notice more around you and that includes residual energy left for the people who were there before you.

Here is where Empaths will pick up on residual energies.

How to fix it? Be aware of this when you get to this place or any of those places where you feel anxious. Put a bubble around you and say “I will not be picking up anyone’s residual energy today.” As you do that, send out love and light from inside YOU to push back those energies.

Make sense? Keep in mind that you are in control of how you feel and how to rectify it. It’s really quite simple when you know what the source of the energy is. There is no boogie man in this photo just leftover energies from the minds of people who were there before you.

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Feel Frightened When I Go To Certain Places?

  1. Great post and advice; there are also times when I get a strong foreboding feeling. I think I’ve mentioned the strongest one that I ‘reacted to’ and left the area… and discovered that it was later buried in a large landslide…

    Another problem I sometimes have is via computer.. all is going well until something catches me unguarded.. like loading photos to send someone and then i hear someone calling me, ‘let’s go!’… I touch the computer and it goes awol/freezes….

    it’s time to give it a good cleansing via palo santo, a wood used here in ecuador for purifying the air/energies…

    Am about to be offline again, but wanted to thank you for all that you share with us in easy-to-grasp explanations!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experiences – wow, a sage or clearing with essential oils does sound like it would be helpful. Not that it’s the boogie man but energies that gather can lead to really strange feelings or electronic happenings. Sometimes those energies are Spirits and we just need to have a chat with them and have them respect our boundaries. Thank you so much Lisa 🙂

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