How Do I Change My Mind, Body And Spirit?

We all want to grow Spiriutally but how? What is the one thing that we can do that will send us soaring into that space and place where we want to be? Come read how making a few choices during the day will make a world of good for our Spirit.


Before I even turned my computer on I noticed how tight my rings felt this morning and I was wondering why. Then I reviewed what I had to eat yesterday and the culprit was a can of soup. Do you know how much salt is in one can of soup? Probably more than we should have in a week. I knew that when I opened the can but wanted that double noodle soup so bad, but now I’m paying for it.

So I ask you, is how we feel based on what we eat? Because now if I got on the scale I’d be a pound or two up because of the extra water I’m holding because of the salt. Now I’m mad because I’m up a pound or two. Now my day will be off because I’m mad that I made a poor food choice.

It’s a vicious cycle. So guess what I’m doing today? I’m going to DETOX and get back on track and make healthier food choices.

The same not only goes for our physical body but for our Spiritual body as well.

We need to think about all those things in life that we no longer need.

Do we really need 5 dozen Tarot decks or do we just need those few that resonate with us? Maybe recycle them and purchase just one or two new decks that we now can relate to. I know when I bought these Oracle cards three years ago my Angel head was in a different place. As much as I love these I feel I would like to upgrade.

What about all those crystals we have? Do we really need an entire rock garden or just collect the ones that we really love?

The point is, and you heard me say this before, everything is energy. Over the course of time our energy changes and so should the things around us.

When we change those “things” around us we shift the energy and now our energy becomes shifted as well.

THIS is how we grow Spiritual and personally, by change. We will not grow or change if we do not change the things in our lives and this also includes relationships.

So let’s all DETOX today and start shifting our energy around to something that now suits us. Ready? Let’s do it 🙂

5 thoughts on “How Do I Change My Mind, Body And Spirit?

  1. This is so valid for me. Thank you so much for posting this. I found myself last month doing hardcore decluttering of my “woo woo” room and my craft room. Boxes after boxes of stuff. Most I donated, one I gave to a friend who I am hoping is enjoying it. It gave me a sense of peace once done. I felt not only was I freeing up physical space but spiritual space–does that make sense?

    • Absolutely Maira! I look at my office where I do all my woo-woo and every time I look at something it takes me back to where that object originated from. Memories are great but the energy should always be moved around. Thanks for the reminder, I need to clean my office too 🙂

  2. My body reacts really fast to MSG which is hidden in many items, and it also reacts to aspartame in more subtle-yet-scarier ways – loss of vision/double vision…. I should thank those sensitivities, however, as they keep me disciplined about my diet and quality of my food. Our bodies know what’s best for us, and sometimes a little subtle protest reminds us to get back on track! Ditto for when we get emotionally or spiritually unbalanced – we don’t feel very well and are glad when we’re back to norm!

    • Wow that’s a scary food sensitivity you have Lisa – I never heard of that before.

      I always feel off balance when I come off my weekend, which is today, because I hang with Hubs and friends and eat/drink all the things that I really don’t during the week, and it throws me off. It’s good to have balance and enjoy everything in moderation but boy does the body feel it.

      Thank you for your post ❤

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