Are Our Choices Set In Stone or Written In Sand?

Ever rethink a choice or decision you made over the years and now you want to change it back? What if it’s a love choice, career choice or a decision that you’ve made to end a friendship but now want restore it to the way it was?


Can we do this? Is it in our best interest to ask for a do-over?

The choices we made years ago may be the correct choice for us at that time but what about now? Is it ok to rethink our choices and want it back the way it was? Should be go back in time and put things back the way they were?

Here again is where our energy comes in. Everything is energy and energy is always changing. IF we erase what we’ve written in sand it will not feel the same.

Ever go back to one of your school reunions or revisit where you used to live and it just didn’t feel or look the same? The energy has changed, you have changed, it has changed.

No we don’t always make the right choices in life but trust that we make the right choices for us at that time.

To go back and change what was written in our sand would feel off and just leave us with more doubt but we can carefully think about the choices we are going to make today.


4 thoughts on “Are Our Choices Set In Stone or Written In Sand?

  1. Philosophers, mystics, holy men, and quantum physicists have been thinking about this for aeons. Me, I think I have free will, and that I can change my mind when I want to. But who knows, I’m probably wrong about everything. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • And it is about free will and we can make choices and re-choices. Ever have a big party or event planned and you saw it played out one way in your mind then when you got to the party it wasn’t all that wonderful as your mind made it up to be? We won’t know until we try. If we don’t try we’ll never know. If we try and it’s not the way we imagined it to be, at least we tried right?

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