Live Life The Best You Can But Start With YOU

Morning Angels! How is everyone today? As I woke up this morning I was asking myself what is the message for me today.

I walked into my office and either was going to go out for my morning walk or do a quick meditation. Meditation it was.

So I sat on the floor and put my salt lamp on. It sits on a glass top table with a deer statue underneath it, it’s really quite pretty, my mom bought it for me years ago.


As I sit on the floor looking at this deer I’m enjoying the soft glow in the room from the salt lamp. I’m looking at the deer and noticing how innocent it looks.

Then I get this feeling of “no matter what happened yesterday, today is a new day, like a chalkboard that can be erased. Start your new today.”

No matter what the news is raging about or how Mother Nature is in the process of clearing and changing her energy or what thoughts or actions you had that weren’t your best moments are now in the past. Today is a new day and make it the best you possibly can.

No one is perfect, not you, not your neighbor, not your parents, teacher, the President, the Coach, the Police officer or even your Paster. No one. There should be no finger pointing because YOU are the one that matters. YOUR actions, YOUR thoughts.

YOU can make a difference to change up the energy that does not feel good in your life. YOU, WE have the power to not ignore but to release the fear and anger and walk above all that which does not serve us on a Spiritual or emotional level. Let it go, rise above because all “that” is already below you.

Live life the best you can but start with you ❤

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