How To Get To Know Your Guardian Angel

Isn’t it nice to have a friend with you 24/7? What’s that you say? You don’t have a friend with you THAT much? Well yes you do! Come learn how you can connect with this very special Angel.



Think of your Guardian Angel as your BFF. This Angel is always there with you, for comfort, guidance and the one “person” who really knows you best because she/he has been a part of you for a really long time.

How do you know your Guardian Angel is around? Feel her. Close your eyes and feel that presence that is next to you, with you and by you all the time. Feel that presence that is just there when you need that extra security blanket of confidence.

Do this.

When you are alone, ask you Guardian Angel to show you a sign that will be unique for you two. Perhaps seeing a certain bird or hearing a familiar song on the radio or even to see a special cloud shape in the sky – that will be the special sign that only you two share. This is how you know your Angel is with you.

Take full advantage of your Guardian Angel. Talk, feel and listen to each other. Start building a relationship that you can rely on for the rest of your life.

It’s a special Angel, your Guardian ❤

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