Why Won’t Spirit Give Me A Sign?

We often have questions for Spirit and expect an answer right? After all, our Guardian Angels are here to help us. Well what happens if they don’t answer our questions or give us a sign that they even heard us?



First – did you give Spirit a timeframe? Tell them “in a few days” or “in a week or two” but definitely give them a timeframe – a reasonable one.

Second – is your “sign of connection” a practical one? Perhaps a bird, song on the radio or cloud shape seems doable. Are you asking for something too big? Keep in mind that it takes a tremendous amount of energy for Spirit to grab our attention so the signs may be subtle which leads me to #3

Third – did you miss it? Are you ready and aware enough to even notice the signs that Spirit may have given you? It might been given to you already but you may have brushed it off.

Forth – now the last reason that Spirit signs may go unnoticed is that MAYBE Spirt feels you are not ready to see or accept the sign from them. It all depends on what you’re asking. Are you asking for something that is too big? Are you ready to hear their answer?

Example. Let’s say that you asked Spirit to show you a white rose which will be the symbol that you and your Angels are connected.

Now also keep in mind that a white rose is very unique so keep your eyes peeled. Also, Spirit is VERY SYMBOLIC.

If  you’re asking for a white rose – maybe you’ll be given a rose from someone whose last name is White OR you’ll see a rose on a white blanket. You may also see your rose in dreams. Keep sharp on this one.

So you see, there are many factors that are involved in this. Try again and be very specific and clear of your intentions and give Spirit a timeframe. They will always have your best interest in mind 😉

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