Which Angel Can Help Me With My Focus and Insights?

Need help with focus and insights? There’s an Angel for that! Archangel Raziel’s speciality is just that.


Sometimes when our days gets so busy and overpacked our insights become fogged and our concentration goes right out the window. Here, AA Raziel helps you unwind and relaxed enough to help you visualize to be able to zero in on your insights.

Ever walk through a corn maze? There is start which is easy to find but sometimes when we try to find the end, we get lost.

Raziel guides us through our 3rd Eye so we can lean to trust our own insights to be able to relax enough to seek our own answers.

Once you relax your mind, everything starts going in the direction that it needs to be.

6 thoughts on “Which Angel Can Help Me With My Focus and Insights?

  1. nice post; raziel must have been my copilot back in july when i was driving the countryside and ‘scouting’ for a new place to call home. i am not sure if i said it outloud or to myself, but the thought was, ‘ok angels. it’s time for me to find home. ‘

    i’d just stopped at one place that almost fit all criteria, but it did not feel right.. so i kept driving… and about one hour later rolled to a stop ‘where the blacktop ends’ and there was that stunning ‘lake’ reservoir in the middle of almost nowhere… the next day i returned, and everything aligned.

    gracias, angels, my copilots!

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