The Day I Chose To Follow My Inner Light; Diwali

Three years ago today I decided to walk my 2nd path which is what I’m doing now. It was a big step for me to pursue all that this journey involves from classes, workshops, events, meditations, new friends, losing old ones, talking the talk, walking the walk and forever moving forward in this direction. Yes it’s be a long strange trip as they say but it was and is a life changer for sure. This journey is constantly evolving and changing for it is energy and light, with is a constant source of movement and feelings. My journey has barely begun because I can see what is ahead of me in the future but I need to know how to arrive there, and when. I trust that inner light that I followed and more importantly, I trust me for following through with it. Do you follow your inner light? Today is a good day to start.


“Today marks the Indian holiday known as Diwali…which is popularly known as the “festival of lights”.

But perhaps the most significant meaning is “the awareness of the inner light”.

The philosophy is that there is something beyond the physical body and mind which is pure, infinite, and eternal…aka the soul.

Just as we celebrate the birth of our physical being, Diwali is the celebration of this inner light…the knowing of which outshines all darkness (removes all obstacles and dispels all ignorance), awakening the individual to one’s true nature, not as the body, but as the unchanging, infinite, immanent and transcendent reality.

With the realization of the soul comes universal compassion, love, and the awareness of the oneness of all things (higher knowledge). This brings inner joy or peace.
Diwali falls on a no moon day. This particular day is the night when sun (the soul) and moon (the mind), meet in the sign Libra ruled by planet Venus ( wealth and prosperity)…and this happens only once a year. That’s why this festival is also celebrated to bring in prosperity and wealth into your life.” (Quoted from Project Yourself)

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