How To Write A Letter To Your Angels

There are many ways to connect and talk to our Angels. There are tools from cards to crystals and even compasses. But there is a really simple way to connect and it’s by using two really simple tools, a pen and paper.


As I was looking through my Oracle Angel cards the other day I thought it would be cool to use the cards in a different way.

I picked one card from the deck and it was Archangel Raphael. It was a day that I was working on self-healing so it seemed fit to use that card and connect with Raphael.

I looked closely at the card and the picture of the Angel that was on it. I noted the colors and every image that was on this card – I really connected and noted every detail.


So after staring at the card for a while I thought it would be cool to connect with Raphael, really connect. I thought about the Heart Chakra which is the Chakra that Raphael oversees and I thought of all the healing this Angel does and comes to our rescue when we need to heal.

Then I thought to write a letter to Raphael. Have you ever written a letter to an Angel?

Does it have to be formal? What if I make a ton of grammatical errors which is a really high probability of me doing that, lol.

Well, I figure this. I’ll just write a letter like I would to anyone and just be me.


Dear Archangel Raphael,

First I want to say that to me, you are a female presence I’ll just pretend that you have a pretty shirt on and a nice shade of lipstick, probably pink for the Heart Chakra – yea I know it’s green but perhaps your shirt can be green 🙂

I want to thank you for always being around when I need healing. I start my day, as you know, addressing you and thanking you for any new beginnings the day has to offer.

Like the sun rises every morning, I know you are there with every cloud that goes by and every wisp of air that I feel. That’s you.

I know you are with me when I place my hand over my heart to heal my heart and my body. I feel the warmth in my hand.

Oh and don’t think it’s creepy but I put your card inside my shirt so you were super close to my heart and I know you worked your magic on me because I felt great after that.

I also placed your card under my pillow the other night so you healed me all night long and cradled my dreams. So thank you for that.

Just to let you know, I will be writing to you more often. I have a few friends who really need your help now and the people in the world can really use your healing hands too but they may not know how to connect with you.

Please tell the other Archangels that each of them will be getting a letter to – I don’t want to leave anyone out.

Thank you Raphael, you’re the best!

Angel Hugs, Donna

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