When Angels Give You Ideas

Ever wonder where ideas come from? Not just the ideas that are “every day” but the ones that come out of left field? It’s like the Angels just popped a bucket of awesomeness right in your head. Come read how this works.


I spend a lot of my days painting and for the most part they are and feel pretty basic. Every now and then one comes along that is just spectacular! The ideas just flow, images come rushing in my brain, colors just mesh and the end result is just a WOW.

This is what happened when I painting this. I kinda knew I wanted to paint a moth in a bubble but my idea didn’t really go much further than that.

Here, not only was the whole theme developed but I started using mixed media (tissue paper and magazine clippings) that I’ve never used before.

When it was done I looked at it and tried to figure out what the point of this painting was. Then I get it.

  • Is the moth trapped in a bubble?
  • Is the world around the moth?
  • Is the Universe attracted all that is light?

What is going on in this painting?

  • Movement?
  • Time?
  • Observance?
  • Is it a dream?
  • A reality?
  • Will the bird eat the moth?
  • Is the bird looking at the yard for nesting or the moth for food?
  • Does the moth feel safe?
  • Are those orbs?
  • Are they worlds?

So you see, THIS is how a painting works – or makes your mind think – when it’s been influenced by Angels.

What do you think they were trying to say?


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