When Angels Speak

Let’s talk about Angels. I know there are people who question their existence or wonder if all the inspirational words and images are just hogwash.

I’ve been studying Angels VERY closely the last few years and I’m always in awe when words of wisdom, inspirations ideas, messages or thoughts that just come in clear out of the blue – that just blows me away. How does this stuff happen?

Everyone will always have their beliefs and they will be on many levels. Me? I can’t even count how many times coincidences or synchronicities just happen to be in perfect timing.

The following are words that just happened to pop into my head one day and without hesitation, just rolled off the keyboard. To this day, these words still feel very special. They are not just from one Angel, they are from the five main Archangels. Enjoy their words ❤

From Archangel Metatron
In order to grow we must step back.
In order to understand we must experience pain.
In order to love we must hate.
In order to see we must close our eyes.
In order to feel we must be numb.

From Archangel Raphael
To heal is to first feel pain.
To start anew we must end.
To learn we must still our minds.
To love we first must be free.

From Archangel Michael
When we live, we express our desires.
When we explore life we must feel protected.
When we journey we walk many paths.
When we seek we find.

From Archangel Gabriel
End to begin.
Open yourself to be loved.
Free yourself to be creative.
Love yourself to be you.

From Archangel Uriel –
First be true to yourself before you can serve others.
Know where you came from before you know where you can go.
Remember the most basic things in life are the best and truest.
Life singles down to one – you.
Hold on so you can let go.
Stay grounded so you can rise above.



One thought on “When Angels Speak

  1. Donna I was just in time to see your post it never even say a minute it says just now so I know this is a special invitation to join ✋ n 💓 n know more about our divine angels peace divine peace to us all thank you Donna frasca

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