What Are These Energy Gateways All About?

I’m sure you’re hearing about the 11 11 gateway. If you look back in time, you’ll se there is a similar thread to all these “gateways.” From the Lions Gate, all the dates of the number sequences (dates) like 8/8 which his the Lions Gate to 10/10 and now 11/11 – they all have a common thread and that’s energy. We are just dancers in time.


All this has to do with energy. Energy is forever changing. People are energy and we are forever changing.

The cool thing is what you all been hearing about “new Earth” is just that – new energies. New energies in the earth and new energies in you. Since everything is changing, you have to and have been changing as well. Some of you are skating by and doing awesome but some are having difficulties adjusting. This will show up in the form of anxiety, headaches, broken hearts, broken relationships, trouble at work, not feeling like you fit in any more, frustration – how many of you are nodding yes to this?

It’s a lot of adjusting not only physically but mentally. Remember our journey is all about the mind, body and spirit. Those three elements will always be your focus just in different order during different times in your life.

So anyway, these “gateways” are nothing new.
The time sequences are nothing new.

However, the energies are new. Seeing all those numbers like 1:11, 2:22 and today I woke at 5:55? These are nudges from your Angels and the Universe letting you be aware of changes. So when you see those numbers, know that you’ve changed just a bit, become just a little more adjusted or are about to feel a change in your energy. They are messages. Note them 🙂

3 thoughts on “What Are These Energy Gateways All About?

    • I know the basics and I mean basics about numerology. However, I have a very strong “Clair” that tells me way more than any website can about what numbers mean. I know my wonderful Angels are always behind them as well 🙂

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