What Does Archangel Metatron Look Like?

Archangel Metatron is one BIG Angel both in presence and attitude. Once you sense his enegy, you’ll know when he enters the room. With the decription I have here, you’ll be able to spot him a mile away. Come see.


LIKE A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP. That’s no way to start talking about an Angel, or is it? It is when we’re talking Archangel Metatron. Having “seen” this Angel many times before, I can tell you that its like a man with way too much cologne on, there is no way you can miss his presence. You can sense him 5 minutes before he’s in the room.

HOW DID I SEE METATRON? That is a good question and the answer not only applies to Metatron but to ALL Angels.

When someone says they see an Angel, keep in mind that Angels don’t stand in front of us with all their feathers on and with a halo floating above their head — that’s Hollywood.

Angels are energy. Each Angel has a different energy and feeling. The way we perceive that energy is how we see them. It’s really hard to understand and even more challenging to explain but each of us will see the same Angel in a different way.

WHAT DOES METATRON LOOK LIKE? Well, I can’t tell you what he looks exactly like but I can tell you how I know when he’s in the room.

When I feel Metatron around me, he drops color hints left and right.

WHAT ARE HIS COLORS? They are the colors that you’d see in the facet of a diamond or crystals.

See the blue, pink, green, yellow and white when you look at a diamond or crystal? There are more colors of the rainbow if you look closely but basically, when you see a flash of these iridescent hues, there’s a really good chance that Metatron has just entered the room.

It could be a reflection from a crystal that you have hung on the window that reflects the luminous colors back in the room.

It can be when you notice the colors in your diamond ring and how the colors dance on the walls when the sun hits it.

It can be the colors that you notice in an oil spill — you know how colorful oil can be right?

It can be how the light catches a reflective surface just right and bounces back a rainbow of hues from pink to purple on the walls or floor.

It can be a combination of any of these colors that just happen to catch your attention and it makes you stop and think. For that moment in time when you noticed these colors, what are you thinking about? Who are you thinking about? Take note of what you are doing at the time these colors pop in. That is how Angels get our attention.

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