How To Use Metatron’s Cube to Clear Your Body

METATRON IS NO SQUARE. Ever hear of Metatron’s Cube? That’s his tool! The interesting factoid about Metatron’s Cube is that this shape contains every single geometric shape known to man. Come learn how to use his cube to clear your body.


Metatron gets heavy into the Platonic Solids (Google that if you don’t know what it is) and Geometric Shapes but his main specialty is this cube.

This is the fun part. Now tap into your 3rd eye and visualize with me.

Close your eyes. Picture his very colorful cube on top of your head with your 3rd Eye. Visualize your Crown Chakra opening and visualize his cube entering your Crown Chakra. As the cube enters your body, its edges touch your being. It collects all that shouldn’t or doesn’t need to be there leaving your body and chakra system cleared and cleaned.


Visualize the cube going in and around all your chakras, much like a broom. Sweep it all throughout your body from your head to the tips of your hands and right down to your feet. As the Cube goes through your body, it exits your feet, goes into the ground and releases all the stuff it collected into Mother Earth.

You are now squeaky clean and feel great ❤

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