Which Angel Will Help Harness Energies From The Moon?

Today is the moon phase “Waning Crescent” with it’s illumination of 43% – that’s almost half!

When you’re in the phase of balance it’s very easy to teeter to one side or the other. Now is the time to set your mindset for your intentions, hopes and wishes.


Always moving forward, always moving up in your thoughts and life. At times it does get to be difficult I know that and that’s where you can teeter to one side. In the beginning of this year my Angels told me 2017 was going to be the year of Focus and Clarity and I now see why. So much going on in life and focus seems to be a constant challenge.

Here’s what I do and I just did it this morning.

I saw something very upsetting to me and if you’re my FB friend you’ll see it on my homepage. Anyway, I was fuming this morning over something I read and that’s how I started my day. What did I do?

I allowed myself to be mad for a good hour. Then, and it took a lot of energy to do this, I released it. I let it go because I do not want it to ruin my day. It’s Saturday and I have wonderful things planned and I refuse to mess MY day up because there are evil people in the world.

It’s important and healthy to have balance and feel all emotions. However, allow yourself to feel all emotions but also remember to release the ones that are not positive for you and your life. See what I mean?

Be you. Feel you and all that life is presenting to you but also YOU have the power to know how your day will play out because you have control of what you want to focus on.

Archangel Auriel is the Angel of Illumination. Connect with her when your path gets clouded with negativity, pain, anger or confusion. She will light your way ❤

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