Who Is Archangel Sandalphon?

Sandalphon is a strong presence yet not loud like Michael or Metatron. To me, he’s more like a Dad figure and know that you can seek his wisdom and grounding strength when you need it.


Did you know that Sandalphon’s name means Co-brother? Guess who his brother is? Did you say Metatron? You’re correct!
His twin is Metatron but they are not twins as in you would think of as twins they just symbolize the same universal goal for balance. Sandalphon is of the Earthstar Chakra which is 6 inches below your feet and Metatron is 6” above your head in the Soul Star Chakra.

The way I remember Sandalphon is “Sandal” — feet — bottom — grounding – walks on dirt – dirt is brown. So the brothers are kinda the same where they cover both the top and bottom of our bodies – balance – can’t have the top without a bottom.

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