How Are You Feeding Your Mind, Body and Spirit?

Good morning Angels! Wow the weekends go fast don’t they? I hope you all did something fun to lift your spirits and your vibration.

Life should be in balance and with that balance is Joy. Angels want us to have joy in our lives and to live it to the fullest. What did you do this weekend to bring Joy into your life?


I went to a Hangar Hop and it was like stepping back in time. There was music and food and we danced to the sounds of the 40’s. It was so fun. I fed my mind.

Yesterday hubs and I went to some breweries and there we enjoyed great food and beer and one of the breweries had a craft show. I feed my body.

Today we are going to a Christmas show to see all kinds of Christmas decorations which includes the sights and sounds of our season. I’m going to look to see if I can pick up some new Angel ornaments for some gifts. Nothing like bringing joy to others by giving. Remember the reason for the Season. I feed my Spirit.

All this, is what our Angels want us to do. They want us to enjoy life to the fullest and do what feeds our mind, body and Spirit. For doing that, brings us closer to them.

How will you feed mind, body and Spirit this Season?


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