When Spirit Tells You To Do Something You Do It

I have this deck of cards, and they are Chakra Insights that are very special. Earlier this year when I was sick in bed with fever I heard this conversation with Spirit – 

SPIRIT: go to the Spirit shop and pick up a new deck of cards.
ME: What? I am IN bed!
SPIRIT: go to the Spirit shop and pick up a new deck of cards.
ME: But I have a fever!
SPIRIT: There is a deck of cards there that you need to own
ME: Which deck?
SPIRIT: You’ll know when you see it
ME: Ok but I hope you appreciate this because I feel crappy!

So I get to the Spirit shop and tell the owner to stay back because I have a fever but Spirit told me to get cards today. She said “what cards do you need?” I said “I don’t know but apparently I’ll know when I see them.”

So I look through all the cards they had and then set eyes on one deck. As soon as I saw the deck my eyes popped open and I said “FOUND IT!”

Now the cool thing about this deck was that I saw the DESIRES card IN the deck. Mind you I never saw this deck i my life.

I buy the cards and hurry and open it to see if there was a card that said DESIRES and low and behold, there it was.


Now this card was not for me but for someone else who was going to make a life changing decision that day and I had to give this card to her along with this story.

She was thrilled beyond believe and knew that her Angels went through a lot of trouble to help her with her decision.

THIS is how Angels work my friends and sometimes it’s a big process and a lot of people are involved but that’s how they work.

So this card is all about the Sacral Chakra. Archangel Gabriel comes through loud and clear and says “do what your heart desires. Tap into the depths of your soul and find what makes you happy. Chose that which brings joy to your life and most of all, to you.”

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