Low Frequencies Cannot Exist Near High Energy and Awareness

Good morning Angels! Today message is about vibration. I’ve been rereading the book “Frequency” by Penney Peirce and if ever there is a book to read, it’s this one.

The power of happiness is ENORMOUS. What happens when you’re happy?


• you feel good
• you naturally raise your vibration
• you attract happy people towards you
• it’s affects your health in a good way
• you lower your blood pressure
• you lose anxiety
• the day goes by faster
• people actually want to be around you
• you naturally become more psychic
• you are able to connect with your Angels


When you are happy, your frequency and vibration are raised to a level where you will not feel or pick up all the yuk that is floating around from other’s people downward thoughts and emotions. It’s like putting two positive ends of a magnet together – it repels.

Be happy today and see what happens. Do the things you live from cooking, baking, being with friends, walking in the part, painting, watching a movie, sewing, playing cards, playing with your pets, working in the yard, going for a car ride, eating at your favorite restaurant, going to the spa or it can be a little as doing nothing at all and just sitting home and reading a book.

Being happy is something YOU have control over. YOU choose who is in your life, how you react to others and situations, when to say no and who you choose to love or leave.

If you are not happy it’s because this is what you choose. I know it’s not easy to make things “all peachy” because life gets rough but you at least have to give it your Girl Scout try.

So for today, choose to be happy ❤

One thought on “Low Frequencies Cannot Exist Near High Energy and Awareness

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