Why Does The Blessed Mother Wear Blue?

ASCENDED MASTER – a little color did-bit about the Blessed Mother Why Does Mother Mary Wear Blue?

why does mother mary wear blue

When we think of Her, usually pink or blue comes to mind. Pink is the color of love which I touched on in the above chapter but why blue?

Think for a moment how clothes are made. If you lived in Her time, you’d be dying your own clothes of course and using the plant life that is readily available to you use.

Blue, was not a common color then and is not a common color to find in plant life even now. Both blue and purple are the two hues that are very difficult to find in Nature and when you do, it’s usually an expensive process to make. This is one of the reasons that blue fireworks (referencing Grucci fireworks from living on Long Island) are the most expensive.

Having said that, most of the plant life around Her time would be very neutral based in color. So Her clothes would be beige, off white or tan in color, not blue.
The blue and purple plants that were around were reserved for the rich because of the rareness of those plants.

Now red was readily available but mainly used for the Roman army.

So why blue?

Because blue is associated with Royalty, peace and Nature and seen in both the sky and water. Sky (heaven) water (earth) which is why Her renderings and figurines are often shown in blue. Makes sense don’t you think?

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