When Angels Look A lot Like People

You know how relationships dissolve and sometimes it just leaves you scratching your head? Well for the past two years or so, there was this group of “like-minded” people that I used to be really close with but somehow, things didn’t feel right and I chose to cut cords.

For myself, I know how they felt and I know the reason why things played out the way they did but deep down in my head, I often wondered what the real deal was. Come read how I got answers.


People are odd sometimes and you really don’t know what goes on in their head or why they do the things they do. It’s super cool to FEEL (Clairsentience – clear feeling
) something about a situation but it sure is nice to have concrete validation to the feelings you were having about a situation.

So yesterday, I got some answers. I happen to meet up with someone that actually was part of this group but haven’t seen her in years. Through her, many of the feelings I had were confirmed. I can do put that time of my life, to rest knowing that my thoughts and feelings I had were indeed legit and validated.

How is this related to Angels? Like I said many times, we hold onto things, emotions, events and experiences in our lives way too long. Doing this creates blocks and eventually will physically manifest itself in the body in the form of headaches, nightmares, stomach issues etc. This will vary depending on which chakra is affected.

To put my mind and thoughts to rest, this person just happen to pop into my life again and through conversation, answered my questions. I think that’s flipping amazing!

These “coincidences“ just don’t happen. They are gifts from our Angels to help us along our journey. Often, Angels look a lot like people ❤

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