When Your Energy, Your Mind, Body and Spirit Are Lined Up Together You Flow

When there is feeling or message that I’d like to convey and I don’t have a card for it, I make one. Today, it’s about CONNECTION.


Ever have a day or week for that matter, when –
– everything seemed to just flow?
– when things just happen to fall in place?
– when you get the answers you were looking for?
– when you worked on something and it got done with ease?
– when you happen to meet people who really helped you that day?
– when you asked for a good nights sleep and got it?
– when you know you ate too much but asked that you not wake up 5 pounds heavier?
– when you think a situation will play out horribly and you wind up having an awesome time?
– when you worry about a situation and it turns out to be perfect?
– when you need something and somehow find it?
– when you wish for something for someone and they get it?
– when you ask you receive?
– when your concern turns into contentment?
– when your heart wishes for the best and you feel it?

Oh this list can go on and on.


This is when your energy, your mind, body and Spirit are lined up together and you flow.

It’s like BALANCE but way more, on a higher level.

These days are rare but not out of reach. When you experience a day like this, a day of CONNECTION, know that you are connected to your Team, your Angels, your Divine … and YOU.

Remember ❤


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