What Angel Can Help Heal Our Pets?

So what’s the topic of today? Animals. It’s an odd coincidence but I know several people whose pets are not doing well or have health issues.

Why is this? Let’s find out about healing our pets and the Angels who can help.

the angel that heals our animals

I’m a firm believer that our animals are here to balance us, to heal us and of course to bring us joy. As an owner of four cats, I cannot tell you the joy I have for all of them, after all, I’m an empty nester and my home would be lifeless without them.

Back to the animals. With all the healing our animals do for us, is it possible that they too are like sponges and feel the effects of what’s around them? Do they soak up too much?

Just like us, when our chakras are out of balance it eventually shows up in the physical body. Do you think the same goes for our pets?

Everyone, including pets gets sick. We all have the power to heal not only ourselves but our pets as well. I know how upsetting it is when our pets are sick.

How can we help our pets? By changing OUR emotions. We should emit love, healing and happiness to them so they can absorb that. If we are sad, scared and worried while around them, guess what they are STILL picking up?

For those of you who have pets that need a little TLC today, change your emotions. Call in Archangel Raphael, the “Doctor of the Angelic Realm” and Archangel Thuriel who watches over our animals.

Hold your Rose Quartz and Malachite around them and set your intentions for love and healing. With Reiki, pull in that Universal healing energy from Source and direct it to your pets. Intention is key here. Concentrate on the spots of your pets that need healing. Surround it with healing colors such as yellow, pink and green. Send, send and send.

To recap, fill yourself up with as much healing energy and emotions as you can and direct it to your pet. You don’t have to be “hands on” you can just be in the general area. This also can be done long distance as in you don’t have to have your pet in your sights.

The mind is strong, the heart, even stronger ❤

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