Which Angels Can Help Me Get Through Illusions of Life?

Life has many illusions. Is what you are seeing real or is it a facade?

Keep in mind that not everything seems as it appears. There are many illusions in life and may appear clear as day.

life is an illusion

  • Are you always hearing the truth?
  • Are you always speaking the truth?
  • Are you living in your highest good?
  • Is what you say and do a reflection of your soul’s mission?
  • Does your world sometimes feel turned upside down?
  • Is it hard to recognize what is the reality? Who to believe?
  • These are all signs that some Chakras are out of balance.

Feeling disconnected and fuzzy is a clear indication that your Crown Chakra and 3ed Eye may be unharmonized.

This time of year when we get involved in all the hustle and bustle of the Holidays and family gatherings our emotions are all over the place and it’s really hard to focus.

Call in Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Radziel.

Archangel Radziel can help you with your focus and insights. He will guide you to help you with discernment and to be able to reach those insights of truth.

Archangel Zadkiel will assist you with your Spiritual goals and keep you on track for your highest good. During your journey of self transformation, many things will be shown to you. He will help guide you to those things that need to be in your life verses the things that are “just there.”

Always remember that what you do in life reflects on your soul. Walk you path with confidence and a knowing that if you should wonder off to one side, your Angels will ALWAYS be there to keep you focused.

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