What’s All This Talk About Downloads?

Well talk about starting the day with a blast. This was interesting. I was able to sleep in today and as they say, got hit with a major download.


If you are following those “energy gurus” you’ll hear them say that again, we are in a MAJOR energy frequency change, Divine body activation and all that woo-woo stuff. We’ve been hearing this on and off all year right? Well is it just fluff or is it stuff?

That’s up to you. Do YOU feel it? Do you get insights or a “clear knowing” out of nowhere? Well there ya go! You just been hit with an energy wave so to speak.

So anyway, my feet are not out of bed yet this morning and I just feel like I graduated college all over again. So many thoughts so many feeling are now confirmed and those ah-ha moments are now breathable. This is a big thing.

It’s one of those experiences that are hard to explain but easy to feel. How can you know if you’ve experienced this? By slowing way down – and this is crazy hard to do this time of year – and just trusting. It actually goes beyond trusting it’s more like the feeling you have when you just finished a big project – that big sigh of relief. It’s that feeling you have knowing that you just accomplished something big and did it well.

Now you can move onto the next project with just a little more insights, just a little more knowing and just a little more trust. Tap in my Angel friends it’s here for you.

One thought on “What’s All This Talk About Downloads?

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