2018 Will Be All About YOU!

As I get ready to shut down my office for the year I was going to write this big old fancy year end post that would recap the year. Then I thought, why should I recap what we already know? I’d rather chat about all that’s in store for 2018. Sound good?


Having a strong connection with Angels and yes I talk to them and hear them every day, I know this.

2017 was about Clarity and Focus – this is what they told me early in 2017 and wasn’t 2017 all about that? Yes, sure was! With all the gateways, downloads, energy portals, releases and transformations, THAT was what needed focus. Once you got all that, Clarity was the next step to make sense of it all. Hopefully you did all that because you had a year to work on it.

2018 is going to be about YOU. Here’s what I mean.

2018 – 2+0+1+8 – 11

11 singles down to the #1 and even 11 is an amazing number in itself. How many of you have seen 1:11 at least a thousand times this year? Me too!

So 11 (don’t add 1+1 just single it to 1) is about YOU, #1, Ace in the hole, I AM, self expression, self growth, self love, new beginning for YOU – see where this is going?

This too is what my Angels told me.

How does it affect you?

Focus on you and your goals. Reach for the things that you thought were unreachable. Now is the time to put the petal to the metal and go for it. Step outside of yourself, break out of your shell, step into your Solar Plexus and move upward, not forward but upward.

Make your insights and dreams a reality. Manifest the things in life that YOU want.

This sounds all wonderful doesn’t it? Well it is but as we all know life is about balance so there is a downfall.

As you become more of a Spiritual person and love the path you walk, there are many people in your life who will not get it. This is the downfall.

You will have a higher frequency and a higher vibration so there were be people in your life who drop off like flies and this stinks. They are not on the same path as you nor are they on the same frequency. You worked all year getting to where you are now and you can’t go back. Why would you want to? You went through a lot both physically and emotionally.

Keep in mind that people will come and go in your life. As people leave because they no longer feel good (and this is the frequency you’ll feel) you’ll find new people who are on the same vibrational level as you and they will feel awesome!

This is a complicated journey but an awesome one. The thing to remember here is to keep moving, just like a ball of energy that you are. Engage your UPPER chakras for 2018 because you are ready!!!!!

I’m excited for me, I’m excited for you and I am excited for 2018.

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