NOW Is Your Time To Shine!

We are now in the Full Moon phase and I can’t tell you how PERFECT this is for not only for 2018 but that it falls right smack in the beginning of the year. What does this mean?


It means that all the hard work you’ve been doing on your self and Spiritual journey is now SIGNED, SEALED and STAMPED.

For those of you who are ready, and there’s no rush but I can’t even begin to tell you how perfect the timing is now, it’s time to step forward and shake hands with yourself because you are ready.

Engage that Throat Chakra and voice your intentions not only to the world but to yourself.

Activate your Solar Plexus and no that “you got this from Crown to Root” and you are moving forward.

Tonight during the full moon, set your intentions with yourself and the Universe and say it out loud – I AM READY FOR ME TO SHINE!!!!!!

Call in Archangel Auriel for assistance ❤

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