Tap Into The Power of Today, 1:11

Now is your time to soar, to be free and to spread your wings and fly. We all know 1:11 is a magical number, don’t you want to tap into it?


Every day there is an opportunity to grow, to learn and to spread your wings and fly but there are certain days where that energy is amplified. That day is today.

How many times have you seen 1:11 on your clock, gas pump, receipts, license plates, phone numbers – anything at all? These my friends are magical sequences that are enhanced by Spirit.

At the time you notice them, take note of what you are doing, who you are with or what you are thinking about. These numbers are like the period at the end of a sentence. They are confirming for you, what you may already sense or know. Your Guides and Angels are giving you that extra something-something so you remember this second in time.

Now today, January 1, 2018 is this:

  • January = 1
  • 11 = 11
  • 2018 = 11

All these numbers either add up to 11 or are the 11 sequence. This is a very strong day to tap into that 11 number which, narrows down to 1.


This year is the year of I AM – YOU! Take full advantage of this energy to enhance you, your life, your goals and your path. Set your intentions to soak it all in and to hold onto this energy for months to come.


“I am ONE with the Universe”

“I stand in my power and love who I am”

“I love myself and know my journey is a powerful one and I am grateful”

So enjoy this energy today, use it, know it, live it – it’s yours!



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