Who REALLY Knows What Angels Are?

I have an interesting tid-bit for you today and it’s about Angels of course. Now here is where Angel information gets fuzzy.

When you ask a Teacher or anyone really who knows a lot about Angels, “Who are Angels?” or “What are Angels all about?” the answers you get will vary – and I’ve said this so many times before. Have you noticed that already? If you ask someone who Archangel Jophiel is or who is Haniel, you are going to get a variation of answers from what color they represent their role they have and even if they are a he or she.

Why is that?

The answer I’m going to give you is based on my Angel Certification class, listening and a lot of reading for the past several years but more importantly, my own experience with each one of them. Now here’s a little information in particular that holds a red flag for me.

There are several hierarchy of Angels that I never talk about and it’s for a reason. What are they:

  • Seraphim
  • Cherubim
  • Ophanim
  • Thrones
  • Dominions
  • Virtues
  • Powers
  • Principalities
  • Archangels
  • Angels

Now this information you’ll find on the internet, in the Bible and in some classes you may take and that’s wonderful for a background or basic awareness of them. The certification class I took also mentioned these but I remember from day I took this class, I said to myself, “how does anyone really know this information for sure? Is it all hear-say or are we putting all our trust into what we read?

When it comes to religious subjects, talking about Angels, what we believe about heaven or hell, or even what happens when we die, I don’t care who you are you don’t know 100% until you meet your Maker and all questions are answered. Here is another reason I don’t go into detail about this hierarchy.

As the hierarchy of Angels was described in my certification class the Seraphim were described this way and I quote “Seraphim – ‘The Fiery Ones’ The highest order of God/Goddess’ servants forever chanting ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come.'” surrounding the God/Goddess’ Throne. They are known to have six pairs of wings; two sets to cover their face, two sets to cover their feet and two sets enabling them to fly. Lore has it that very few humans have ever seen a Seraphim due to their brilliance. In fact, many that have, have gone blind.”

** I’d like to add a correction there by the way – according to the definitions on the internet they have six wings, not six sets. If they had six sets they’d have 12 wings. The Seraphim I saw also has 6 wings, not 6 sets.

Now that line about going blind really hit my core. I said “Is that really possible?” and left it at that – it actually scared me to move forward with the class.

It wasn’t until I did a Angel painting for a client that I got 1st hand information about the Seraphim – and I didn’t go blind mind you. Here is what I saw known to be a Seraphim.

Seraphim angel

After I painted this, I noticed all the wings and reverted back to my certification class where it mentioned the part about the Angel with all those wings!! I’ll poop you not, at this point I was so frightened that I was going to go blind – because that was noted in my class.

What’s my point of all this? No matter who your Teacher is, no matter what class you’re taking, no matter what book you read, keep in mind that when it comes to Angels, MOST of it is hear-say. However a lot of it is actual Angel experiences and that is awesome! I do want to add IF you are going to teach about Angels and please do, we need ALL the information we can get, please, please, please add somewhere that the information that you are writing about is based on YOUR experiences and insights. And THAT is what will make this journey unique.

Everyone has Angel experiences and everyone is 110% correct about what you feel about that Angel. We share our experiences about Angels. Each Angel comes to you and I in a different way. They are pure energy and as you know energy changes from second to second so how can it be the same across the board? It can’t. Are there different levels of Angels? Absolutely – some have a higher denser energy and some are lighter – that’s the best way I can describe it. How do I know you ask? Because I’ve FELT many of them and have SEEN several. Many of them I paint.

Being very Clairvoyant and having a strong psychic self, I have experienced many of these energies and that is what makes up most of the content in this blog. I hesitate to put names to them because Angels don’t have names they have energy. WE give them names so we can together, identify them.

When I sense an Angel around I go back to my certification class and recall what that Angel FELT like when I studied it and see if it feels the same. I then activate my Claircognizance and confirm or deny that conclusion.

Yes, when it comes to Angels there are hands down many descriptive factors that you’ll find in common. Listen to all people who talk about Angels but wait until YOU experience that Angel presence and see how that Angel feels to YOU.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to Angels only what you experience is real. What I suggest is to start an Angel Journal and each day connect with ONE Angel, I actually would make that a week not a day because there will be a lot of information coming in. As you go about your life and look at that yellow butterfly and know deep in your heart that it’s Archangel Jophiel than it is. FEELINGS will play a huge role in your discoveries.

Angels are gifts to us. They are God’s messengers and that alone individualizes what and who they are to us.

When it comes to learning about Angels, look within, all the answers are there. It’s great to acquire a background and learn about Angels but when it comes to really knowing about them, your experiences will seal the deal.

I do have one class that I offer so far and I’m very careful about my content. This class does not exist anywhere on the internet because it is from my own experiences with the four main Archangels and what I’ve learned from them. This is an online “learn at your own pace” class and it’s called:
How To Use A Compass To Connect With Your AngelsHow To Use A Compass To Connect With Your Angels

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