How Do We Hold Onto Our Woo-Woo Zen?

“Awaken to the pure and infinite Source deep within you … and live from that space. You are that which you seek and so much more!”

I’ve said this before, when your mind and body become still, it’ then that you’ll receive clarity.

Divine-Consciousness-Crown copy

There’s no better feeling than getting those ah-moments in regards to your Spiritual journey. It’s the times when you just “get it” but can’t explain what just happened, how or who or what was responsible for making it all happen. I call it the woo-woo Zen. This is the feeling you get when you Crown Chakra is fully engaged.

Feel that space within you, especially when you meditate. Hold it and use that feeling to continue your daily life.

This is about being and staying positive and in a space of constant love and enlightenment. It’s not easy to hold but once you’re there, you don’t want to let this feeling go.

It’s bliss, it’s lightness, it’s self-knowledge, it’s your connection, your truth, your purpose, your Divinity and it’s YOU.

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