Today’s Moon Phase is All About Balance

Today the moon is almost at 50% – 45% to be exact. Follow the moon phases? The moon has a strong pull and can really affect the way we act and feel.


Today is a good day for BALANCE. So, if you feel your life is going too much in one direction and you’re feeling a bit off kilter, now’s the time to get yourself back on track.

How? You can start with color oddly enough. You can wear black and white as a physical reminder to be in balance.

You can also do something that is not the norm for you. For example, if you find yourself constantly sitting at a desk typing away at the computer or if your nose is constantly in your phone, now is the time to unplug and get outside. Go for a walk in the park, play in the garden, take the pups out for a walk or just sit in the sun.

7 thoughts on “Today’s Moon Phase is All About Balance

    • Well I know everyone is affected in a different way. I get super psychic during the New and Full Moon phase plus high energy. Great time to do readings. It’s usually moods swings for most people.

    • Like any moon phase or times when we feel off, it’ll be super important to do extra grounding, meditation to clear our heads and to eat right and drink lots of water. Breathe through it 🙂

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