How Much “Stuff” Do We Need In Life?

This card represents the Root Chakra and POSSESSIONS. It seems we go through life like a bunch of squirrels gathering and collecting stuff. More stuff, all kinds of stuff, little, big, new and old. How much stuff do we need? Why do we need tons of stuff?


Our possessions reflect many things – our wealth, our crafts, our joys, our activities, our memories, our family, our friends, our milestones but how much do we need?

When you find that you have a lot of possessions, go through what you have and see which ones still resonate with you. Keep those and think about putting some of the others aside.

Remember that we are all energy and as our energy changes, so does the resonation of the things around us.

Let go of the old, bring in the new. Connect with Archangel Uriel to help with those decisions ❤

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