Who Is Archangel Chamuel?

Not to be confused with Shamuel, Archangel Chamuel greatly assists in the areas of dissolving negative emotions and thought patterns; especially towards self. She is the Angel of Self Love.

who is the angel of love

She dissolves the patterns of not being good enough or not standing on one’s own value. Some of these situations can be drinking, smoking, overeating, gambling, drug addition etc.

These self-destructive tendencies are sometimes rationalized as actions to “make one feel good” or the “I can’t help it” syndrome. Well that doesn’t work with AA Chamuel.

Chamuel wants you to put YOU first and take care of your temple, not harm it. She wants you to love yourself and to put yourself first above all others and that’s ok to do that! You can’t love others unless you love yourself first.

Be kind to yourself and “think pink” as they say. She is the Angel that oversees the Heart Chakra. I know that Chakra is green but it’s also associated with pink. Think love 

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