When You Are On The Cusp Of Change

So last night I felt my Angels step aside a bit so my Guides can come in front and center. This should be interesting – here’s my thoughts.


I currently have some type of cold and it’s forcing me to rest and take it easy. Whenever I get sick, that is a sign from my Guides that there is some BIG work going on INSIDE and my physical body needs to rest while this metamorphosis is taking place.

Last night while I was coughing and blowing my nose I was thinking about this and felt a shift. I felt my Angel focus stepping back a little because my Guides want to be upfront and center. What does this mean?

I feel this means that once I’m 100% and feeling better, I will be Guided to really tap into more – more awareness. It’s one of those things that is hard to explain but the good ole Clairs are telling me so.

I think I’ll need to start to journal a bit better and writing down what’s coming in because I feel it’s gonna be good!

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