Trust Your Heart In Times of Question

Ever have your head in a dizzy? I know that feeling well. SO many thoughts and ideas run through your head and it gets frustrating knowing how to set it all in motion. How do we do this???????

follow your heart

Just this morning was saying to myself that I have SO many ideas and SO many things I want to do but how can I do it all?

I can’t – no one can.

It’s great to have an active mind but you can’t just jump into the ring a start running. As fun as that may sound it would be like putting a kid in a candy store and saying “have fun!” The end result would be, how should I say, an upset in the belly that would certainly leave a sour taste in the mouth and an awful memory in the mind.

How does one discern what to do?? It actually sounds simple in writing but may not be that easy.

As the graphic says:

“Stay true to who you are and where your heart is taking you. It will always lead you in the right direction. Listen to it.”

You’ll never go wrong when you listen to your heart but yes, the ego mind gets in the way and wants everything NOW. It compares to what others have and suddenly what you do is not good enough. How awful right?

Everyone has their own journey in their own time. This is a VERY important process to trust and just let flow if you wan the end result to be in your best interest.

So for me, I have to slow down and trust that the Universe will pave the way for me and my intentions that I manifest. I’m going full force forward with my awesome ideas but I will have to trust the system and follow the beat of my heart. We work together ❤

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