How Can I Turn My Dreams Into A Reality?

This is not an Angel card … or is it? Do we need an official card with an Angelic image on it to know it’s from our Angels or Guides? Not, not at all.


Here I have a Dreamcatcher. What just went through your mind when you looked at it? Well your dreams right? The ones you’ve have, the ones that were scary, funny, real, confusing but more importantly, the dreams you are yet to have.

Catch them!

No matter what your dreams are, they are yours for the taking. Raise the bar high and aim for the stars.

Keep in mind that you can create a Spirit Guide to help you with your dreams if you need a helping hand.

Conjure up a Dream Guide and ask this Guide to “guide” you to the things that you want in life. Keep in mind these are Spirit “Guides” not Spirit “Assistants.” They will put in your path the opportunities that you need to make your dreams come true but the rest is up to you.

Turn your dreams into a reality. Know that you Spirit Guides are right there with you.

Trust in yourself that you can do in life whatever it is you want.

Activate your Heart Chakra first. Any journey that comes from the heart is a sure thing.

Activate your 3rd Eye to you can envision where it is that you need to go and what you need to do. Use these insights and note what you see. Write them down and look for a pattern.

Last but not least activate your Solar Plexus – your powerhouse. Find what makes your roar and bring it to life!

It’s your dream ❤


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