How Do I Call In The Right Angel?

So many times I’m asked “Which Angel will help me with xyz?”
Each Angel has their own speciality, job, role, responsibility, function, whatever you want to call it. However, don’t put the stress on yourself by pondering which Angel’s role can help you in time of need.
Angel Hug soaring energies of 2017

Yes there are a solid handful that we know hands down what they do, Michael protects, Raphael, heals etc. but then there are HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS, of Angels out there yet to be discovered. Plus some of their names are really hard to pronounce. But do we really need to know their names? No.
Angels are energy. If you need help of an Angel, call their energy in. You are already using your emotional energy to start with so without knowing it, you’ve already summoned them in.
For example, if you’re not well and you are searching for healing, on a conscious level you already are reaching out and making that connection to the Angel you need, much like a radar. Without knowing it you have already connected with Archangel Raphael just by your energy alone.
So what I am trying to say is to trust yourself and trust your energy. Use the power of your thoughts to accomplish what it is that you need.
Contacting Angels is much easier than we all realize because it begins with just a thought.

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