Now Is The Time Of The Phoenix To Rise

CUTTING CORDS & READING ENERGY: Just got back from a weekend in the mountains and I’ll tell you, the mountains just do it for me. I love the energy there – it just recharges me big time.


Now speaking of energy. If there is one thing I know it’s energy and how people feel. There are people in our lives – and this includes friends and family – that feel really good, positive and should absolutely be in and around us in life. You’ll know this by how well you get along, how often you see them in your life and how well you interact with each other.

Then there are the people (and certain family members) who are just like oil and water because their frequency is way too low to be around, even in cyberspace. This results in constant conflicts. How to resolve?

Cut cords. Cut cords with the people in your life that just don’t feel good. They do NOT belong in or around you no matter who they are. If it is a family member, don’t fight with them, just wish them the best because they are their own struggle. If it’s a friend, just let time take care of that or remove yourself completely from their life.

WE are in charge of our journey. If something does not feel good, change it but certainly don’t keep it in your life.

This week and the VERY strong energy that flew in on the 15th really took a toll on many people both physically and emotionally. Rise above it like the Phoenix. See this cloud that looks like a bird? I took this picture yesterday on the way up to the mountains as a reminder of what to do. I too, rise above all the negativity and just come out stronger … you will too!

Trust in you, follow your dreams but most importantly, trust your inner voice when it comes to the people in your life. It will always lead you to what is best for you 

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