What Does It Mean When Dreams Don’t Make Sense?

Last night was a night of restlessness and odd dreams. What does this mean when our subconscious goes haywire? Is it the residual stress from the day? Something we ate? The moon phase?

Dreams-Crown-chakra copy

Sometimes our dreams just don’t make sense. How do we decipher these mental puzzles?

When dreams are so off the wall, they force us to stop and try to figure them out. Like a Dream Detective we put the images together and try to form a cohesive story line. I don’t know about you but last night I had a heck of a time trying to sleep and when I did, it was like the worst movie I ever watched. It wasn’t scary but the tidbits of images and storylines just didn’t make sense.

I’m usually very good at dream interpretation but this time I’m stumped.

Maybe all dreams are not meant to make sense. Maybe it’s just the Subconscious mind taking a dump and releasing all the garbage floating around in it.

Like our body, the mind and it’s thoughts need to be cleared as well. Release those mini movies that remain in your mind and fill it with productive thoughts that help you solve your life’s questions. That’s what dreams are for. Put it to good use and don’t worry about the wonkiness it has from time to time.

Dreams are doorways and not all will have significant meaning. Like a chalkboard, swipe clean the dreams that leave you scratching your head. Do write them down but chalk them up to a ripple of weirdness and concentrate on the dreams yet to come. They will be your reality ❤

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