How Can I Heal My Body?

Healing comes in on many levels, physical, emotional and mental. I’m going to list a few ways that can not only heal yourself but in turn, also strengthen your chakras.

Focusing on colors – what colors are you drawn too? Yellow? Blue? Pink? Colors have EXTREME healing potential depending on how you connect with that particular color. Dress in the colors you love, eat the foods in the colors you are drawn to and even focus on the colors in your home that you are attracted to.

Yoga positions – I don’t use Yoga but I do love QiGong. These motions move the body and sends healing energies throughout. It helps release blocked energies in our Chakras and this in turn also clears the mind – it’s all connected.

Crystals & Stones – these powerful “rocks” have more healing energies than you may realize. The trick here is to use the ones that YOU are drawn to. Just hold them. At this point you don’t need to know that the stone does just that it feels good to you. Trust that feeling and set your intentions to heal. I would of course start with a heart shaped Rose Quartz.

Holistic Healing modalities. This may be harder to find but check your local wellness centers to see what classes they offer. Another great place to check is using the MEET-UP app for your area. This platform is a GREAT place to find tons of information on what you’re looking for. I myself host many local classes about Chakras.

Music, chanting & mantras – Music is so healing! Everyone loves something different but for me, it’s classical or ambient music that soothes my soul. Also saying to yourself “I am healthy. I feel good. I heal myself.” These are all affirmations that you can start your day with. Positive words and thoughts are VERY strong!

Connecting with Nature – nothing feels better than going outside for a walk on a beautiful day. Work in your garden, play with the dog or just head out to the beach or mountains and just “be.” Release your stress and soak in the sights.

Using essential oils – here, there are SO many choices. Use the oil that you are drawn to. If you like the way it smells, use it. Try lavender in your bath, spearmint in your oil burner or frankincense in your incense tray. There are no wrong combinations here.

Food – need I even write about this? It’s comfort food all the way.  Try to keep your food choices clean of course. Stay away from sugars and processed foods. Drink TONS of water!

Getting creative (art, writing et.) Think like a kid here and I’m going to suggest finger painting! Yes! I’ve done this several times and it has a wonderful freedom of knowing that every project you make will be a masterpiece. The same goes for writing, just let it all out.

Exercise – you don’t have to go running but walking is the easiest exercise available to us. Start with just 10 minutes a day, at a slow pace and enjoy your sights along the way. Here you can also tie in your music too.

Meditation – I STRONGLY suggest just clearing your mind for just 10 minutes a day. You don’t have to do a big ritual with candles and oils but just find a few minutes a day to calm and clear your mind. Remember to do some deep breathing here.

Prayer – connecting with your Source.

Plain old R&R – learn to love the basics in life. Stress is the #1 factor for many health issues. When you combine ALL of these elements in your lifestyle, you’d be surprised how different you’ll feel. I know because I did it. Take it slow and steady. There is no rush but certainly work on at least one way to improve your health each day.

Many of the things we can do to heal ourselves are very simple. Sometimes when things are SO simple we don’t think that they are affective. Trust what you feel, only YOU know how your body feels. Do what your mind, body and spirit is guiding you to do to makes yourself feel better ❤

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