Are You Being As Authentic As You Can Be?

The card I would have liked to pull today would be one that explains “who you are” by tapping into the Throat Chakra.

Who is you authentic self?

Relationships-Sacral copy

Then I pulled a card and it was representative of the Sacral Chakra. It is the card of RELATIONSHIPS.

At first I didn’t think I made a connection to how I felt in the card that I pulled but then I thought about it and it’s perfect. When you are authentic to yourself you are or have developed a close relationship with you. Relationships are more than just people we meet in life it is about the relationship we have with ourselves.

Are you following in other people’s footsteps or are you walking your own path? Everyone has a different path and journey and the one that you are on is catered specifically for you and that should be embraced.

Our relationship with our Angels and Guides are so very specific and we should embrace what they have to offer for us. We are given insights that help us on our daily path but are we paying attention to it or I’ll be too busy looking at what our neighbor is doing and how they are growing?

Keep in mind that there are many illusions in life and most of the time what you see is not the reality. Here again I say trust your Claire’s and to have a self-awareness. Trust what you feel and know and that the path you are walking is the one that you are meant to be on.

Tap into your Sacral Chakra and the emotions that reside there. Ask Archangel Gabriel to connect with you and guide you for the questions that you have.

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